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The ability to generate your own on-site power (also known as “distributed generation”) can take the form of combined heat and power or solar.  On-site form powers enable you to control your energy costs which is the right any business or facility.

Combined Heat and Power

CHP is a proven method to get you closer to your sustainability goals, thanks to fewer emissions, lower energy costs, and stable 24/7 power and thermal capabilities.

GEM Energy uses Capstone microturbine technology for combined heat and power systems.  Fueled by low-cost natural gas, a Capstone CHP microturbine-driven system generates electricity through the recovery of waste heat.


GEM Energy has been a great partner in our microturbine-powered Engineering Center.  GEM’s experience with many Capstone Turbine products helped make our project successful.

James Leidel, Clean Energy Center, Oakland University

What could your business do with the savings generated from lower utility costs? GEM Energy can help you investigate and act on CHP technology to get long-term line of sight on lower, predictable utility costs and reduce your total cost of operations.

We are a Capstone distributor and turnkey CHP developer for the states of Ohio, Michigan and New York. From financing through installation and commissioning, GEM Energy has experience to work directly with you, the owner, or your engineering firm, to make on-site power a reality.