Using our Guided Process Solutions (GPS) process-driven design/build system, our in-house team of architects, professional engineers, and construction staff works directly with owners to optimize the 
design of your new facility around your process. This differs from conventional design/bid/build construction, where individual contractors focus on their own specific aspects of the project, without careful consideration of your plant’s process operations.

For industrial process manufacturers involved in new plant construction or expansion projects, the conventional design/bid/build process can add unnecessary cost and risk, such as:

  • Hidden costs and plant process-related issues overlooked during the design phase that increase final construction or ongoing operational costs
  • Delays in bringing new production capacity online because of a traditional process in which one phase cannot begin until the one before it ends


GPS GraphBy optimizing the design and preconstruction phases of complex, process-driven manufacturing projects using the GPS system, plant owners can save on their final construction costs and achieve faster project completion times, to bring new plant capacity online sooner.   

Customers who’ve switched to the GPS design/build system for process construction projects say it best: