We were able to upgrade our entire building to achieve improved energy efficiency savings and overall comfort without negatively impacting our monthly cash flow.

Martin Porter, Retired Director, Toledo School for the Arts

Energy efficiency isn’t one big thing you do, or a mix of little things you do. It’s everything you do.

It’s your heating and cooling systems. Your lighting updates. Your building automation controls. Your electric and natural gas costs.

It’s whether you’re considering an on-site power source such as solar, or assessing how energy-intensive your manufacturing equipment and processes are.

Where can you save money and gain energy efficiency? How do you pay for energy upgrades now and in the future?

By emphasizing deeper benefits and long-term value versus short-term bursts, Rudolph Libbe Group believes your business can begin to build a platform for more sustainable results ‚ÄĒ including reduced cost of operation, stewardship of your property assets, and ongoing return on investment.

We are experienced in finding the finance solutions to fund your efficiency projects. And we have the technical know-how and design/build construction capabilities to take the project from vision to reality.

Consider the Toledo School for the Arts, a public charter school housed in a 100-year old building. Energy upgrade solutions¬†now save the school nearly $25,000 annually. RLG’s assistance in the¬†design/build project included finding the project financing and handling the paperwork.

¬†‚ÄúThe property assessment, as part of our semi-annual tax bill, will give us the flexibility we need to make improvements now and pay for them later, as we realize the savings from the new efficiencies.‚ÄĚ

And financial rewards are not the sole driver of business energy projects. Evidence indicates that saving money is just one of the many reasons why business is starting to change its relationship with energy. Our customers are finding multiple, non-financial benefits they never expected.

Is your business ready to chart its own energy destiny?