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Building automation controls are the nerve center of any facility. In many way they direct the comfort, security, and productivity for visitors, employees, or customers. That means your ability to monitor and control the mechanicalelectrical, and lighting systems of your facility is critical to your day-to-day business operations — regardless of your industry.  

Whether you need need new building controls designed and installed, or have an existing system that requires a repair, update, or replacement, GEM Energy has your controls system solution. We’ll help you maximize the performance of key heating and cooling systems, resulting in cost savings plus greater comfort and convenience. .  


We can also handle your on-site power generation — also known as “distributed generation” — energy monitoring. FlexSet DG controls from GEM Energy monitor your on-site generation system controls,  whether solar or combined heat and power (CHP), and provide real-time monitoring, analysis, and reporting to maximize your system performance and profitability. And since FlexSet DG controls are a web-based, remote-access solution, they’re always available on your laptop, tablet, or other mobile device.

Ask us how we can put control of your building heating and cooling systems into your hands.