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According to ForHealth.org, there are 9 foundations of a healthy building.  In dealing with COVID-19 and keeping your facility healthy for all occupants, consider what you need to do with regard to:

Air quality                   Thermal health             Moisture               Dust & Allergens

Safety & Security        Water Quality               Noise                    Lighting & Views



In assessing the challenges facing your building occupants and the physical health of your facility, determine where internal resources can manage the tasks.  When external help is required, Rudolph Libbe Group’s FM360 facility management team, along with our Special Accounts small construction projects and HVAC experts, can assist with your property’s operational and maintenance needs.  

HEALTHY building help from FM360

Clean air circulating within commercial buildings is critical to occupant health.  Our FM360 team’s HVAC experts can help in multiple ways.  Let us show you how we can improve the health of your air handling systems.

  • Air purification using advanced ionization technology

When ions are injected into the air stream, they break down pollutants and gases into harmless compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor. When the ions come in contact with viruses, bacteria or mold, they remove the hydrogen molecules from the pathogens. Without hydrogen, the pathogens have no source of energy and will die. The ions also attach to allergens, such as pollen, smoke and other particles, causing them to band together until they are large enough to be caught by filters.

  • UV light systems for air purification

Using UV light is another option for air purification and particularly useful for medical and healthcare facilities.  These systems are specifically designed to remove hazardous airborne microbial contaminants.

We have other solutions to help your facility and its occupants stay healthy and safe.

  • Building layout changes and technology additions 

What equipment or offices require a move or change? Your FM360 team can plan and manage moves as well as provide temporary or permanent rewiring and teledata services.  Moving cubicles, doorways, equipment or work benches are part of the FM360 service offering.

Caring for your facility so that you can focus on your business

GEM Facility Management offers a full, flexible complement of facility management services, tailoring contracts for routine, regularly scheduled maintenance including coordinating subcontracted services on behalf of the client.  Our process includes a thorough evaluation of the costs of owning and operating a facility. With subsequent recommendations, which includes a preventive maintenance schedule and capital improvement suggestions, our approach is designed to help clients reach business goals while controlling costs. We can scale services to provide you with regular on-site building management or supplement existing staff.

Property management services enable you to reduce costs and focus on your core business with a full range of options including:

  • On-site maintenance and minor repairsworker reading meter
  • Annual/capital budgeting needs including utility procurement 
  • Bulk-rate pricing for all building maintenance supplies
  • One call, 24/7/365 access to any HVAC, plumbing, electrical  or construction service as needed
  • Emergency response planning, building envelope inspection, loading dock maintenance, and more

Outsourced or supplemental property management services can help to reduce your total cost of operations. Working closely with you and your facility’s team, you’ll get a customized plan to save on costs while also accommodating for the changing needs of your business and a healthy building.