Since July of 2014, the GEM Service facility management group has served as a strategic partner for Sun Federal Credit Union and works in all of its locations. Sun Federal is a full service financial cooperative with 11 locations throughout Northwest Ohio as well as the Philadelphia area. Oversight of regularly scheduled maintenance, inspections and subcontracted labor means Sun Federal employees are able focus on their customers without worrying about everyday facility issues.

The GEM Service team as a resource for annual and capital budgeting and all facility-related requests to help reduce the total cost of operations. Having multiple locations requires coordination and attention to detail, which is why we handle all subcontracted maintenance. This includes snow removal, landscaping, HVAC maintenance, fire suppression and electrical work.

Emergency response planning

To add to the strategic partnership, Rudolph Libbe Inc.’s Special Accounts group and GEM Inc.’s facility management group teamed up to create an emergency response plan for disaster recovery.

Many commercial buildings are not always occupied, which means people aren’t necessarily in the facility when disaster strikes. Things like flooding, accidents that cause damage to the building, HVAC and heating problems and more could go unnoticed for several days.

Today, if something happens at one of Sun Federal’s locations, there is a plan in place for immediate assistance to minimize disruption to the business, its employees and customers.

One great benefit to using a facility manager is economy of scale. Having a single maintenance entity allows us to negotiate better deals for broader ranges of services with third party vendors. We value our strategic partnership in planning and evaluating facility needs, expansions and selecting secondary-related service providers.

The Rudolph Libbe Group is a high integrity, leader-driven organization and their employees are the best. As the CEO, I truly have peace of mind regarding all of my office locations.

Gary Moritz, President and CEO
Sun Federal Credit Union

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