Commercial and Process Piping

Mechanical_MG_7097 Valve Handle

From food processing and automotive plants to refineries and chemical facilities, GEM’s mechanical team of welders and pipefitters perform an average of over 510,000 hours of process and commercial piping each year. Capabilities include design, installation and maintenance of any system or materials required.

The extensive use of 3D laser scanning and prefabrication, from in-house design to journeymen in the field, allows our team to execute safe, schedule-critical projects that save time and money for industrial and commercial customers.


Installation of plumbing systems is often a key schedule driver on many projects. Using VDC and prefabrication, project managers and field crews can move in and out of construction areas quickly, allowing other trades to keeping the project moving. With the earliest GMP provided on all design/build projects, GEM offers options to the owner to improve overall budget and schedule.

HVAC Construction

Commercial and industrial HVAC systems require expertise that is both broad and thoughtful in order to achieve the desired conditions and meet budgets. Our HVAC project teams ensure the cost and capabilities of any type system is optimized.  Once mechanical equipment is replaced or newly installed, GEM Energy’s HVAC/Plumbing Services team has the capability to keep your system running at peak efficiency.

GEM’s own Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and fabrication shop teams eliminate field labor cost and safety concerns. By offering the earliest Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) on design/build projects, owners are able to make informed decisions that satisfy cost, schedule and performance all at the same time.