Contracting direct with the owner as well as several South Korean OEMs, the Rudolph Libbe Group self-performed multiple trades at Ultium Cells EV battery plant, a joint venture between LG Energy Solution and General Motors. The manufacturing facility is producing electric vehicle batteries within the renovated 2.8 million-square-foot Lordstown, Ohio, facility.

Specific work included:

• Installation of anode/cathode mixing room lines including stainless steel floor plates, process equipment setting and alignment, utility piping, process piping, instrumentation and electrical

• Installation of battery component handling and racking throughout the facility to transport material through the numerous process stages

• Utility piping required for process equipment throughout the facility for controls

• Vacuum process systems to extract fumes for specific process lines within four (4) production areas

• Installation and relocation of temporary walls required to maintain cleanliness and humidity requirements between production and construction areas

• Mechanical, utility piping and electrical connections for ancillary support equipment required as part of the major process lines provided by specialized OEMs

Throughout the project, RLG was responsible for staging, sequencing, uncrating, and trucking of process equipment and materials into the facility receiving over 1,500 overseas shipping containers and supporting commissioning activities.

The Virtual Design and Construction team from GEM Inc. completed a laser scan at the project site to develop piping isometric and spool drawings. This was done to facilitate shop fabrication for a vacuum system at the Ultium site.

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