June 13, 2017


The single most important thing you can do to survive an emergency is have a plan. Whether it’s the inconvenience of minor building damage, or a more major issue that causes a shutdown, knowing what to do first makes all the difference.

If you haven’t yet completed an Emergency Planning Assessment with us, it’s time.

You can request an Emergency Planning Assessment, during which the FM360 team will work with you to develop and implement an emergency action plan. Your emergency plan ensures you know exactly what to do to begin the recovery process, after an emergency has occurred.

Thankful for quick response

More than 200 guests were eating dinner at Mancy’s Steakhouse in Toledo when an ambulance entered the parking lot at a high speed and struck the building canopy. A timber pierced the vehicle, pinning it beneath the canopy which weighed six tons and was right above the main entry to the restaurant. Knowing the building needed to be secured immediately, Mancy’s called on its facility partner, Rudolph Libbe Group’s FM360 team.

“Within 20 minutes of my 8:00 pm phone call, a team was there to assess and secure the site,” he said. “In just three weeks, they removed the old canopy and built a new one. It was done efficiently and safely, enabling our restaurant to stay open throughout construction.”

Gus Mancy, Owner, Mancy’s Restaurant

A few aspects included in the assessment are:

  • Review of the physical facility
  • Identification of safety systems and responsibility stakeholders
  • Review of operations to understand security and other key functions

Once you have an Emergency Response Plan in place with the Rudolph Libbe Group’s FM360 team, when you have an emergency situation you make one call and we immediately spring into action on your behalf—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Advance emergency planning is the key to limiting the damage and restoring order to your business environment as fast as possible.

Our team is experienced and dedicated at ensuring our customers are able to return to normal operations as fast as possible. Request an appointment to discuss an Emergency Planning Assessment for your facility.

Disaster Averted

Emergency Planning
The Toledo VA Medical Clinic’s Emergency Plan with FM360 meant there was no service interruption after a major flood.

FM360 team members received an emergency call at 5:00 pm on a Saturday. A motion alarm at the Toledo VA Medical Clinic had been tripped due to water flowing from the second to first floor of the building. A crew arrived on scene by 5:45 pm to assess the situation, turn off the water main, and provide emergency repairs to stop the flood. Water removal on the first and second floors was complete by 3:30 am Sunday morning.

Additional team members were then called in to secure the site and coordinate clean up so repair work could begin immediately. Plumbers were on-site by 7:00 am Sunday morning to make necessary repairs to the broken water lines. Mechanical insulators arrived to remove all water-damaged equipment insulation, and electricians assessed light fixtures and fire alarms. Damaged drywall and ceilings were removed in preparation for the rebuild to start on the Thursday after Saturday’s flood.

Then, to ensure there was no interruption to patient care at the medical clinic, the FM360 repair and construction crew worked every night from 5:00 pm to 5:00 am over the next few weeks, until the clinic was fully restored and in better shape than before the flood.

Speed of response and the ability to minimize downtime for the clinic would not have been possible without the multi-disciplinary resources the FM360 team offers.

In an emergency situation, there’s enough to worry about without having to figure out how to get repairs started. The FM360 seasoned emergency response team can take care of all emergency repair details, and provide necessary services to get your facility back up and running.

Request an Emergency Planning Assessment now, so you’ll have a proactive plan in the event something unforeseen.

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