An emergency vehicle, responding to a medical call at Mancy’s Steakhouse in Toledo, entered the parking lot at a high rate of speed and hit a low-hanging timber from the building’s canopy. The timber pierced the top of the truck bringing it to a complete stop and leaving the EMS unit pinned. With the canopy’s support pillars leaning at a dangerous angle, it was quickly determined that moving the vehicle could bring the entire six-ton canopy down. This was not an option with over 200 guests inside the restaurant. Owner Gus Mancy called Rudolph Libbe Inc. to help secure his site safely and quickly mobilize for his emergency construction need.

After removing the damaged canopy, a new structure was built over the main entrance. The work occurred over a three-week period without the restaurant closing for a single meal period. RLI’s ability to work around the restaurant’s ongoing operations — without disrupting employees or guests — was a critically important benefit to Mancy’s holiday-time business.

Within 20 minutes of my 8 p.m. phone call, a team from Rudolph Libbe was there to assess and secure the site. They mobilized a crew of laborers who responded by shoring up the canopy to ensure people could safely enter and exit the building. This crew worked till 1 am!

We hire Rudolph Libbe because their people – everyone from the project management team to all of the craftsmen – are true professionals. They can be trusted to deliver a great experience no matter the size of the project.

Gus Mancy, Owner
Mancy’s Restaurant

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