March 27, 2018

Equipment Setting and Rigging

When it’s time to modify your facility by dismantling existing structures or installing new plant lines within your existing plant, you’ll need the specialized skills of a professional millwright or ironworker, trained in equipment setting and rigging, to ensure your continual operation during these adjustments.

One of the most important aspects of moving, repairing or installing heavy equipment is making sure the machinery is placed and aligned properly. When it is slightly askew, machinery may not operate correctly, which could cause the lifecycle of the equipment to become diminished.

Relocating conveyors or compressors, for example, may need to happen within narrow, confined spaces, requiring that the project be handled as precisely as threading a needle. Additionally, millwrights and ironworkers are often required to complete the work while a facility remains in operation.

The unique and significant challenges present in equipment setting and rigging point to the need for highly skilled and specially trained millwrights and ironworkers.

Here’s what makes our Equipment Setting/Rigging services unique:

Equipment setting and rigging are services we self-perform. Everyone works directly for us which provides better control over schedule, safety and quality work.

  • We require all of our millwrights and ironworkers to go through individual and specialized training for rigging, weld tests, alignment work and more.
  • The specialized training not only ensures precision, but includes various certifications for heightened safety practices that benefit our customers as well as our field professionals.

Additionally, we own and use superior tools and technology that are best in class.

  • The 40/60 Versalift moves heavy equipment smoothly and safely on solid surfaces for rigging.
  • The RotoAlign handles shaft alignment and is a geometric measurement system used for rotating equipment.
  • The use of real-time measurement of machine positional changes which continuously monitors movement and vibration.
  • Laser-alignment equipment that is far more precise than the human eye (which used to be the norm) for leveling and scaling.

By utilizing the very best tools and technology, our highly trained millwrights and ironworkers are able to protect our customers’ equipment from damage, with no disruption to employees or processes, which is key to productivity and profitability.

GEM Inc., a member of the Rudolph Libbe Group, started offering its equipment setting/rigging services in 1982 and since then has built a long and successful history of completing a multitude of projects, drawing on decades of experience and knowledge. Our project managers have an average of 25 years of experience, which means your facility and your project are in good hands.

Over the last six years, GEM has logged more than 31,000 jobs with ZERO disruptions to ongoing operations.

Our team is trained to work in fully operating facilities, providing the comprehensive services required for these specialized projects. From coordination and planning to installation, aligning, leveling, and anchoring equipment, our customers rely on us for installation, relocation, logistics and planning for their industrial operations.

Read more about equipment setting and rigging services here, and when you’re ready to discuss your specific needs, contact:

Equipment Setting and Rigging  

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