April 26, 2023

As part of GEM Service’s ongoing efforts to better serve our customers, a new online customer portal is being introduced, to provide a convenient way for HVAC customers to request, review, and track service and maintenance requests.

Whether you count on GEM Service (a member of the Rudolph Libbe Group) for new HVAC installations, repairs to existing systems, or preventive maintenance, you’ll never be left wondering if the service is necessary, or if the work was completed properly. Now every GEM Service HVAC customer will have access to the GEM Service Customer Portal, a unique cloud‑based photo and video communication platform, to take the guesswork out of every service visit.

Download more info about the GEM Service Customer Portal
Download more info about the GEM Service Customer Portal.

The GEM Service Customer Portal simplifies the entire HVAC maintenance and service process by consolidating everything into one easy, accessible place. The Portal provides a space where customers can have access to every stage of the maintenance process, plus keep record of all performed maintenance. Through the portal, the customer can make service requests online, and monitor the progress of each job.

With full transparency for the work being done onsite, the customer receives real-time updates through the portal as the technician records each job and uploads information from their mobile device. Additionally, the customer will have access to video and/or photo documentation of every identified problem, and the recommended solutions. This eliminates the need for the customer to physically access the roof or mechanical room to see the problem, because the technician can share video and photos right on the portal, giving the customer full control on how to move forward without ever leaving their desk.

In addition to real-time updates and transparency, this software allows customers to organize their records and data in one place, eliminating the chance for misplaced records on equipment history and maintenance frequency. GEM Service Customer Portal can help:

  • Quickly identify problems that need to be repaired immediately
  • Conduct equipment surveys for existing systems or site surveys for new installs
  • Document ongoing issues, so customers can plan for repairs or replacements
  • Help technicians who are on site to generate solutions, so only one service call is required to fix an issue
  • Confirm preventive maintenance and repairs were completed

“The GEM Service Customer Portal is helpful for searching for past service. The portal allows me to review all service tickets and see what work has been done or what is recommended. I haven’t had to search for an email for months, which saves time.”

— Heather Zisko, Facilities Management Coordinator,
Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (GLCAP)

This important equipment documentation can also be easily downloaded or exported to Excel, and customers can download and print service tickets as well.

With easy access, a simple interface, and full control, we have confidence the new GEM Service Customer Portal will make HVAC maintenance and service significantly more convenient for customers, giving them peace of mind and taking the guesswork out of every service visit.

All GEM Service maintenance customers will have access to this unique and user-friendly platform. Even if you’re not currently a GEM Service contract customer, every service ticket will be emailed directly to you with the portal link, once our technician leaves your site and completes the documentation. No more waiting for an invoice to see what work was done on site, because this technology expedites the entire process from start to finish.

The GEM Service Customer Portal is another way we’re providing our customers with cost-effective, on-time service, quality products and solutions as well as complete transparency in keeping facilities comfortable and safe. By continuing to lead the industry with solutions and innovation, we’re transforming the entire customer experience by creating a simpler and more customer-driven process.

To learn more about the GEM Service Customer Portal, contact GEM Service:

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