February 19, 2018

Finding a Faster HVAC Repair Resource

Your HVAC equipment is not working—again. Your building’s occupants are either freezing or sweating, and productivity is suffering.

You’re wondering who to call…who can get to your facility the fastest…and where to even begin to find a reliable repair service.

This frustrating situation is common for commercial and industrial facilities, and it’s why GEM Service’s HVAC team created the 3-hour emergency response guarantee.

The 3-hour emergency response guarantee is available to all customers with a GEM Service HVAC Preventive Maintenance Service Plan. Whether it’s a basic plan to cover routine maintenance, or a comprehensive plan to cover all aspects of your system, any customer with any service plan can relax, knowing an experienced technician can be on site within 3 hours. And that applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

GEM Service offers a variety of service plans to fit every type of facility and budget. Check out your options now and prevent a headache when the inevitable occurs:

Choosing a preventive maintenance plan is a simple, affordable decision that can bring huge benefits to your facility, starting with knowing you’ll have access to HVAC experts any time you need them, with a 3-hour guarantee.

Keeping business-critical HVAC equipment up and running at all times is not an option. Instead of spending time searching for a reliable resource (whose schedule may already be full), contact your GEM Service HVAC expert and get a preventive maintenance plan in place.

“I want to thank everyone at GEM for the great service that we receive every time we call. The work is always done quickly, and I know I can count on it being done right the first time.”

—Brent Baden, Frontier Communications, Bryan, Ohio

To request a consultation with a GEM Service HVAC expert, you can:

For more information about GEM Service’s HVAC Program:

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