In today’s world of business technology, electrical work done for low voltage systems requires an electrical
contractor who can design and install complicated systems including video, audio, internet, intercom, telephone and security. It may also involve large-scale projects that use fiber optic or coaxial cable in computer networks or operating controls for 
large machinery. Each low voltage communications system designed by our electrical group is based on individual customer needs and is easy to use, reliable and cost effective. 

GEM Inc. provides technology solutions for board and conference rooms, training rooms and video walls. We can deliver systems featuring teleconferencing with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video conferencing, and complete room integration with screens, shades, lighting, audio and visual.

Low voltage systems need to be done right the first time. Fixing problems behind walls and above ceilings can be much more expensive than the initial installation cost.  Our knowledgeable electrical design team and skilled trade professionals get low voltage systems right the first time – every time.