Tammy Euler had not considered a job in the trades until her life circumstances changed. For seven years she taught nursery school until her husband decided to leave his job and go to college. In order to help support him and her two young children, Tammy knew she would need to increase her income.

A friend suggested she check out the carpentry union. It was the late 1980s and not very common for women to work in the trades. Because the work was consistent and the money good however, Tammy signed up at the union hall and has never looked back.

She credits her dad with her decision to work for the Rudolph Libbe Group. “At the time, he had been a crane operator with Rudolph Libbe Inc. for 25 years,” she says. “With his help, I joined the company and immediately began working on the building of the Glass Bowl Stadium.”

Throughout her 29 years here, Tammy has served in a number of positions, including foreman, general foreman, construction manager, and superintendent. She is winding up her current role supervising a building addition at Midwest Tape in Holland, Ohio.

“I have met so many good people at RLG who have encouraged me along my work path. It’s been a great career—and my children are proud of what I do.”

Tammy Euler | Rudolph Libbe Inc. Superintendent

Tammy has worked on some pretty big projects, including the Toledo Museum of Art’s Glass Pavilion. “My most challenging project was serving as superintendent on-site at First Energy Nuclear Operations Davis-Besse plant in Oak Harbor, Ohio,” she adds.

“There are very few females working in construction, carpentry or other skilled trade work. I know it can be tough; however there is so much opportunity for women who are willing to work hard.”