Rudolph Libbe Inc. and GEM Inc. were hired as the design/build contractor for a 163,000-square-foot, 1,600-ton conventional steel building to house the controls center, offices and lab for a Lima, Ohio, refinery.

Our design/build approach considers business needs first

The complex consists of many distinctly separate functional areas, constructed in two phases. These areas were designed using input from separate user groups with differing needs, all while maintaining an aggressive construction schedule.

Phase 1 included the refinery offices and controls center, research laboratory and hazardous materials building. Phase 2 included space for maintenance, warehousing, and auto shops.

Because the two-story building is in the blast radius of the refinery, the entire structure is designed to meet hypothetical blast and seismic loads.

The Rudolph Libbe Group took this project from concept to completion self-performing masonry, concrete, mechanical, electrical, steel erection and mechanical insulation work in the facility.


Originally, we intended to use a plan-and-spec, bid delivery method, which would have cost significantly more than Rudolph Libbe Group's proposed design/build method. This option offered us significant cost savings and flexibility in design and construction without impacting cost and schedule. We also liked the fact that, under the design/build method, Rudolph Libbe Inc. and GEM Inc. would manage the design/engineering professionals, contractors, and vendors for us. We put the project in the hands of a responsible, experienced design/build contractor, and focused on our business with no worries about the construction.

I would strongly recommend the Rudolph Libbe Group for its ability to skillfully manage the design and construction of a project, and make the process easy and efficient for customers.

Manager of Engineering and Turnarounds
Lima, OH Refinery

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