Refining / Petrochemical

BP Oil Sunrise 6-14-07 0067Common challenges in the petrochemical and refining industries include:

  • Ever-changing markets
  • Demand fluctuations
  • Restrictive regulation
  • Fuel standards

That means refining companies are focused on solutions that create opportunities to be profitable, reduce project costs, and achieve schedule advantages. Rudolph Libbe Group helps make this possible with customer-focused refinery construction teams.

Our specialized teams understand that cost-efficient maintenance turnarounds are critical. So we provide provide a full range of design and self-perform services. With RLG as your partner, you keep critical plant equipment running efficiently, reducing downtime and generating profit.

And because on-site safety is the top priority in refinery contracting, it’s the most important aspect of our culture. A professional team of full-time staff who have been specially trained in refinery-safe work is assigned to each project. All projects begin with a safety plan. And throughout the job, we’re committed to the uncompromising safety leadership you expect.