The GEM Energy team in Southeast Michigan managed a comprehensive plumbing pipe upgrade project on the club level of suites at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions.

The piping replacement of the cold and hot water supply and returns instantly improved water pressure and quality at Ford Field. It also helped to avoid potential piping failure during high use periods, creating a safer and less disruptive experience for guests.

Past project qualifies Ford Field for Smart Buildings Program funding

Prior to the re-pipe project, GEM Energy completed a gas-to-steam water heater replacement and removed the existing hot water heaters that were approximately 65 percent efficient. New domestic hot water heaters, estimated to be 96 percent efficient were installed along with three heat exchangers and a condensate cooler — which reduces energy usage. All the new piping was insulated and pressure tested; while unused and natural gas piping, as well as flue and air stacks were demolished and removed safely off site. The new piping was tied into the existing domestic hot water system for the facility.

Overall energy efficiency has increased by 32.3 percent qualifying the project for grant funding through the Detroit Smart Buildings Program Grants.

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