Chemtrade Logistics Inc., a sulfuric acid regeneration facility in Toledo, OH, called on GEM Inc. to replace its aging precipitator with a pair of new wet electrostatic precipitator units. Precipitators are a necessary component of Chemtrade’s process which remove vapors from the gas stream.

GEM removed an obsolete storage tank, demolished the existing foundation and collaborated with an engineering firm to design structural steel to fit into the compact area which was needed to support the new precipitator units. GEM’s virtual design and construction department completed a laser scan of the area to assist with the design and fabrication work. Electricians, ironworkers, boilermakers, pipefitters and millwrights began preparing the space and installed the entire new system up to tie-in points without disrupting plant operations. This allowed GEM to quickly hook-up the necessary remaining components during Chemtrade’s planned shutdown, causing little downtime to production.

Because of a long-standing relationship with Chemtrade’s property neighbor, BP Toledo Refinery, GEM was able to position cranes on BP’s property to perform necessary crane picks from the BP side of the fence.

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