October 24, 2017

FM360 Winterize ChecklistHow to Prepare Your Building for Winter

Performing regular winter maintenance projects before every winter season yields big long-term savings by protecting your building from weather deterioration, or from unexpected damage.

Right now is the time to request a No-Obligation Winter Building Inspection from FM360. The FM360 team will conduct a thorough inspection of your facility and provide a complete report of the your building’s winter-readiness.

If any preventive maintenance or repairs are identified, our team can complete the work quickly and affordably—especially if you’d rather not distract your maintenance staff with this type of work.

These 5 keys areas will be included in the Winter Building Inspection:

  1. Building exteriors and outer envelope: Check condition of exterior walls.
  2. Building roofs, overhangs, and dock shelters: Check for condition, signs of leakage, sealing integrity of overhangs to main walls, and check for obvious structural support integrity issues of all roof structures.
  3. Windows, doors, and other exterior building openings: Check for air gaps and leaks and indicate areas needing caulking, weather stripping, or repair.
  4. Loading dock: Perform heat loss evaluation caused by air gaps and use of obsolete, stay-open sliding steel overhead doors; compare savings gained by upgrading to energy saving fast-opening doors.
  5. Parking lots and access roads: Check condition and advise if preventive asphalt maintenance is needed.

FM360’s no-obligation Winter Building Inspection could help identify problem areas before the winter takes its toll. And completing necessary repairs now could save thousands of dollars this winter in lower heating bills.

Make sure your facility is “buttoned up” for the winter ahead: Schedule your Winter Inspection and we will conduct a thorough winter checkup at your facility.

For more information about FM360:

Schedule Facility Assessment 866.720.2700

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