May 08, 2016

What makes a company or institution decide to pursue renewable energy resources? For the Toledo Zoo, pursuing renewable energy, and specifically solar, was part of their overall conservation efforts. Implementing solar power not only helped the Zoo achieve conservation goals, but also gave them visibility into their future electricity costs and consumption.

Ultimately the Zoo chose to implement both a solar array and a solar walkway. Both solar power sources continue to reap dividends, first as a source of cost savings, and also as a method of community education. Hear from Rick Payeff, Director of Facilities for the Toledo Zoo, as he explains the why and how of a solar implementation.

Hear from Toledo Zoo’s Director of Facilities, Rick Payeff, about why the zoo decided to implement solar as part of its energy conservation efforts.

Rick Payeff talks about how to choose the right developer to implement a solar project.

Why the Toledo Zoo chose GEM Energy as its solar development partner.

Why the Toledo Zoo chose solar over other alternative energy sources.

This final video from Toledo Zoo’s Director of Facilities, Rick Payeff, highlights the key to success for a zoo solar project.

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