March 18, 2019

How to Choose a Solar Energy Provider

Choosing the right solar energy partner to manage the funding, implementation and maintenance of your solar system is the biggest decision you’ll face when exploring solar power for your facility.

As you work through the decision process, you’ll not only want to ask fundamental questions about the process, but you’ll also need a way to compare each potential vendor against the same set of criteria.

The solar energy experts at GEM Energy have developed two useful resources to help with this process:

Nine Questions to Ask a Solar Provider

Armed with these two resources, you’ll be prepared to confidently discuss your project with potential providers, and make an informed decision based on critical criteria that must be considered for a successful solar implementation.

These resources demonstrate why it’s important to understand exactly how a solar provider manages a project and navigates the regulatory process, plus helps ensure you’re getting the best possible financial results from this investment.

Download both resources to get the questions and answers you need to help guide this important decision. To learn how other companies have used solar power to gain significant energy savings with no or low upfront capital, read about their solar projects here.

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GEM Energy Solar Scorecard

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