August 11, 2016

Energy Rate OutlookRising costs are a major issue for all business owners and executives today, with energy costs, and especially electricity costs, among the most significant cost control challenges.

Electricity costs are especially problematic because until recently, the only choice available for a company was to purchase electricity generated by a local third-party producer and billed through the company’s local utility. These electric power generation costs can increase significantly due to uncontrollable factors such as severe winter weather, unusually hot summers, lack of peak capacity during high usage periods, or distribution constraints.

Download the Commercial Energy Rate Outlook for help in researching options for energy optimization and savings for your business. The Commercial Energy Rate Outlook provides a thorough review of how on-site power generation can insulate your business from price volatility, and help you gain the benefits of predictable, lower energy costs, including:

  • What business owners and financial executives need to know about electricity costs
  • The future of electricity rates
  • Best practices for managing future electric rates

For more resources about On-Site Power, including solar and CHP, please visit the Resource Library.

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