January 02, 2018

What to Know About Your Facility’s Roof Maintenance, Repair and Restoration

Among a facility’s most important, and most expensive, assets is its roof. Your facility’s roof protects all the other assets that make up your business, and allows you to continue doing business in a warm, safe and dry environment.

Unfortunately, unless there is leak, very little thought is given to maintaining this critical asset. But with a little advanced planning, keeping your facility’s roof protected for a long life is simpler and more affordable than you think.

Common roof problems frequently come in the form of roof infiltration, caused primarily by all the things on your roof, including HVAC equipment, vent pipes, drains, skylights, roof hatches, and antennas. Infiltration can also come from storm damage, or from inadequate repairs.

Left unchecked, these infiltrations can be the cause of most major roof problems. Holes in the roof, when not properly sealed, are the most vulnerable spots for water to get in, and these leaks are often undetectable until it’s too late.

The good news is, roofs typically have a much longer life than expected, and even serious roof damage can be repaired and restored, without having to pay for an expensive roof replacement.

The first step is a simple inspection, to assess the condition of your building’s roof and identify any problems that may be looming, or detect more obvious issues that should be addressed immediately.

The FM360 team is your comprehensive resource for roof assessment and repair solutions. Beginning with the inspection, we’ll provide a report and recommendations to address any issues, then manage work for the necessary repairs—a one-stop roof shop!

No building owner or facility professional wants to deal with a costly roof replacement if other alternatives are available. FM360 recommends intervening with a repair or restoration at the right time, and with the smartest solution. According to Simon Roofing’s analysis, the return-on-investment for roofing maintenance dollars is significantly better if repairs are done early, before serious damage has occurred.

If your roof has not been inspected recently, contact the FM360 team to schedule a no-obligation roof assessment. We’ll provide a report and recommendations for how to implement the right solution for your facility.

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