August 08, 2018

What is PACE Financing and Is Your Business Eligible?

PACE FinancingPACE financing is available for energy efficiency and building upgrades without wiping out your annual operating or capital improvements budget

Chances are, your building’s upkeep and energy usage are a consistent strain on your operating budget. In fact, in the United States, roughly 40% of the nation’s energy is consumed by buildings, not to mention the added cost of maintenance.

Unfortunately, paying for facility upgrades to make your building more efficient can be as restrictive to your annual budget as the energy and maintenance costs themselves.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) funding gives business owners a way to pay for  projects related to energy efficiency including mechanical system and lighting upgrades as well as other improvements. The PACE Fact Sheet will show you how it works and help you determine if PACE funding is a good option for your building, including:

  • What kinds of projects and equipment PACE funding covers
  • How you’ll repay a PACE funding loan
  • How to get started with the PACE funding process

Download the PACE Fact Sheet to learn if your building qualifies for this financing, and and how to get access.

If your facility needs an energy efficiency upgrade, this unique funding solution could be right for you.

Download the PACE Fact Sheet for more details, and to talk with a PACE expert, contact:
866.720.2700 or

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