September 11, 2018

How On-Site Energy StorageĀ Can Help Control UTILITY Costs

Energy Storage: Solar or CHPOn-site power generation, together with energy storage, has the potential to be a key solution to the challenge of high energy costs, and peak demand charges in particular.

Energy or battery storageā€”for the capture of energy produced at one time for use at a later timeā€”is taking hold throughout the U.S. And using battery-stored energy generated by solar or Combined Heat and Power CHP systems can help your facility not only reduce peak demand costs, but can give you more control over your ongoing energy usage, and the fear of devastating outages.

To learn more about energy storage and how it works, download the Energy Storage Overview. This summary touches on:

  • What are the benefits for using on-site power generation and storage?
  • Which system is best for me?
  • How much will it cost and how can I pay for it?
  • Who can help me find the right solution?

For some commercial and industrial energy users who pay high peak demand charges, on-site power generation and energy storage systems have become affordable, cost-saving solutions for lowering and controlling long-term energy costs.

A custom-tailored, on-site power system is designed to “load shift” during the most cost-effective times of the day. Storing energy to use during peak demand times can optimize a facility’s total energy savings, and minimize the infrastructure build-out costs required to supply peak power. This facilitates receiving the lowest possible ongoing utility rates.

Download the Energy Storage Overview to get answers about how on-site power and energy storage may benefit you. To talk with an on-site power energy expert, contact: 866.720.2700 or

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