October 08, 2018


New York Industrial R&D Center Supplements the Grid With CHP

NY R&D Center CHP Case StudyWhen a New York-based industrial manufacturer was ready to expand its R&D center the local grid wasn’t able to provide enough additional power to meet the requirements.

The company was already the biggest electricity user in the area, and the local utility could only offer to double the current level, when the company’s R&D center needed triple the power to add their innovative new process.

Download the Case Study to learn how this company approached the challenge, and why they ended up choosing Combined Heat & Power (CHP).

The facility needed a quick, affordable and scalable solutionā€”something the utility company could not provide.

While many building owners consider CHP as a way to save on utility costs and serve as back-up power, in this case the CHP system served as the true add-on power source for the facility’s new processes.

Whether your company needs more electricity or you’re hoping to diversify your power sources, CHP may be a solution for you, and presents several significant advantages over traditional grid-based power:

  • Generates energy on-site in a compact space
  • Produces clean, secure, and cost-effective power via natural gas
  • Increases energy efficiency, reducing overall fuel consumption

Download the GEM Energy CHP System Fact Sheet to learn more about CHP systems.

CHP can also increase your overall energy resiliency, making you less susceptible to outages and fluctuations in grid-based power, giving you significant financial savings and peace of mind. It will help to:

  • Assure stable and predictable future energy costs
  • Reduce peak energy demands
  • Provide reliable backup power

Companies that take steps to make energy resilience a priority through on-site CHP gain control of their energy costs now and in the future.

Download the Case Study for an in-depth look at how one company put CHP to work to meet their goals. And to get answers about how CHP may benefit your facility, talk with an on-site power energy expert by contacting: 866.720.2700 or onsitepower@gogemenergy.com.

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