December 08, 2017

Stories from the Field: Why One Manufacturer Chose Preventive Maintenance for Its Mission-Critical Equipment

The equipment that runs your business—whether it’s HVAC to keep employees comfortable, or mission-critical manufacturing equipment—must work when it’s needed. The challenge is—how to avoid expensive repairs when equipment fails?

The answer is preventive maintenance—the #1 proven way to increase energy efficiency, lower energy costs and spend less on emergency repairs.

For Ardagh Group, an Ohio-based manufacturer, equipment failure is not an option, but neither are expensive emergency repairs which can devastate cash flow. That’s why they chose to enter into a preventive maintenance agreement with GEM Energy’s HVAC team. Having a service plan in place means well-running equipment and predictable maintenance costs.

“The equipment that we have has to be up and running or we are losing money and customers. The GEM team provides the best service and customer care in the industry! I no longer worry about getting hit with a big bill when I need a repair. I know that when I call the issue will be resolved.”

Comments on the benefits of a Preventive Maintenance plan

Ardagh Group

GEM Energy’s HVAC Service Plans make it possible for you to enjoy 24/7 service and a guaranteed three-hour emergency response time, all while avoiding expensive maintenance issues, costly breakdowns and cash flow disruptions.

HVAC Service Plan Options include:

  • Preventive Maintenance Service Plan—regularly-scheduled maintenance, usually two to four times each year; a basic plan best suited for HVAC systems less than five years old. (Not having a preventive maintenance program in place can invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty on your HVAC system.)
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Service Plan—includes all services above, plus repair/replacement of maintainable parts (motors, igniters, compressors, belts, etc.)
  • Sustainable Preventive Maintenance Service Plan—includes all services above, plus a self-financing option to spread the cost of an immediate or future HVAC system replacement over an affordable term.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Plus Service Plan—includes all services above, plus repair/replacement of additional equipment items such as condenser and evaporator coils, heat exchangers, actuators, and control boards, plus provides important coverage for replacement of items such as non-maintainable circuit boards, which otherwise could be a major out-of-pocket cost to you.

Download the full description of each HVAC Service Plan Option.

When the following well-known companies chose preventive maintenance agreements in combination with other energy solutions from GEM Energy, the impact to their bottom lines was significant:

Your business can’t afford to ignore preventive maintenance. Take the next step now by exploring a preventive maintenance program for your facility.

If you have an immediate repair or service need, call 866.720.2700.

For more information about GEM Energy’s HVAC Program:

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