October 31, 2019

Loading Dock Safety and Maintenance:
3 Steps to Take Now To Save Time and Money Later

Loading docks see heavy traffic and lots of use, and when it comes to ongoing maintenance and safety, they’re one of the most overlooked areas in most facilities.

Every year, you should evaluate the following 3 loading dock focus-areas, to determine if your docks need attention:


Your safety processes should be evaluated on these 9 critical areas:

  1. How do you restrain trailers?
  2. How do you protect pedestrians on the drive approach and around the loading dock?
  3. How do you protect pedestrians and forklifts from the dangerous drop off?
  4. How do you ensure safety at busy intersections and blind corners in plant?
  5. How do you separate sections in your facility?
  6. Does your loading dock equipment need updating?
  7. How do you safeguard your employees from the potential dangers of machines and automated equipment?
  8. How do you provide protection for people and equipment with flexible in-plant access?
  9. Are you observing guidelines and requirements for cGMP and your washdown doors?

The FM360 program offers a Loading Dock Assessment, which includes a thorough assessment of these areas. After assessing your specific needs, we will manage any upgrades or installations that are required. Examples of how protection and safety can be achieved can be seen in these videos from our safety equipment partner: barrier systems and safety signaling.


Our team will inspect, recommend necessary maintenance, and schedule regular maintenance on overhead doors, dock lifts, dock shelters, or other fixtures in loading dock areas. These areas get a lot of wear and tear, and ensuring regular and proper maintenance will help you avoid wasting money on early replacement or repair, plus help you avoid damage, accidents and energy loss due to malfunctioning doors.


Higher costs due to energy loss from poorly-fitting overhead doors, and keeping obsolete, slow, metal-section overhead doors open continuously during loading/ unloading operations, is another common problem in loading dock operations. Our team will assess your loading dock to identify areas of energy-loss improvement. In some cases, installing new rapid-open-and-shut overhead doors can substantially reduce heat loss from dock facilities during loading/unloading operations.

The FM360 Loading Dock Assessment

The FM360 program offers a Loading Dock Assessment, which includes a thorough evaluation of your loading dock safety, maintenance and energy loss levels. You’ll be provided with a complete picture of the specific steps you can take to insure a safe, efficient and trouble-free loading dock operation.

Based on the results of your assessment, you’ll have the option to enroll in a loading dock maintenance agreement, which provides a wide range of safety, maintenance and repair services, and includes 24/7 response to any loading dock repair or incident.

Contact us to schedule your Loading Dock Assessment. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your safety, maintenance and energy use and prepare a complete assessment for your planning purposes.

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