September 21, 2018

What is Job Order Contracting and Is It Right for Your Facility?

Job Order Contracting

Facility professionals know the issues of dealing with multiple vendors and contractors to juggle multiple, smaller construction projects. Job Order Contracting (JOC) is increasing in popularity because it addresses those challenges with a simple solution: a single source construction agreement, where there is one call to make.

Download the Job Order Contracting Fact Sheet to learn how it works.

JOC makes it possible to not only handle construction issues quickly and efficiently, but to reduce the number of vendors you work with, saving time and money in the process.

Through JOC, you’ll have one contract with Rudolph Libbe Special Accounts which serves as a single-source provider for smaller (up to $200,000 each) construction upgrades, repairs and renovations, as well as emergency projects. You’ll no longer have to go back and forth with your purchasing department. Owners can negotiate one price for services up front and let our Special Accounts team handle the rest. You can always cancel the agreement if the services aren’t completed to your expectations.

How is this possible? Download the Job Order Contracting Fact Sheet to explore several key aspects of this important service, including:

  • How JOC can reduce your budget for annual construction projects
  • How JOC saves staff time and resources
  • The benefits of having one dedicated account manager
  • How we work with plant and facility managers to streamline construction processes

In addition, you’ll learn how using JOC could actually result in money being returned to you for use on other projects, due to cost-savings and discounts that come from using the JOC approach.

JOC has tremendous benefits for a wide variety of facility types. Download the Job Order Contracting Fact Sheet to determine if this construction delivery method is right for your business.

To talk with an expert about JOC for your facility, please contact 419.241.5000 or

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