August 02, 2016

CHP Fact SheetCombined Heat & Power (CHP) is one option for generating on-site power. With a CHP system, heat that is normally wasted in conventional power generation is recovered as useful energy, which avoids the losses that would otherwise be incurred from separate generation of heat and power.

Download the CHP Fact Sheet for a diagram of this process.

While the conventional method of producing usable heat and power separately has a typical combined efficiency of 45%, CHP systems can operate at efficiency levels as high as 80%. (Source: Energy Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy).

A CHP system is a compact, reliable, onsite solution to help reduce energy costs, to take advantage of thermal opportunities from waste heat recovery, and to protect your facility from long-term increases in utility-generated electrical power.

Download the CHP Fact Sheet for a basic overview of how CHP works, then explore the Resource Library for more educational content regarding CHP.

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