May 16, 2020

Nine Foundations of a Healthy Building

As you re-open your facility, how do you create a healthy environment? Many businesses only focus on the obvious aspects of preventing the spread of diseases—cleaning surfaces, limiting gatherings, and providing PPE.

While those areas are important, they’re just the start of creating a truly healthy facility that protects occupants. Buildings play a central role in both stopping the spread and preventing the existence of diseases such as COVID-19.

Watch as Amy Swiderski, one of Rudolph Libbe Group’s facility experts, reviews the 9 foundations of a healthy building, and offers a specific framework for ensuring a safe environment while reducing illness risks. (6-minute video)

This video includes:

  • An explanation of the nine foundations of a healthy building
  • Facility owner considerations for each of the nine areas
  • Facility re-start recommendations

Facility managers should be familiar with all nine areas of building health considerations, and be prepared to address each of them in the process of creating a healthy and safe building environment.

The facility management specialists at Rudolph Libbe Group offer a Healthy Building Assessment, conducted at your facility to determine specific recommendations and priorities for maintaining a healthy building environment for your unique operation.

To request a Healthy Building Assessment,
email, or call 866.720.2700

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