September 20, 2019

Prepare Your Facility for Fall and Winter

FM360 Fall/Winter Facility ChecklistAs summer comes to an end, it’s time to prepare your facility for fall and winter. Performing regular maintenance as the weather turns colder can yield long-term savings by protecting your building from damage, weather deterioration, and high energy costs.

Download the Fall/Winter Facility Checklist for the 8 main areas in your facility that should be checked and prepared for colder weather.

Taking the time to review this checklist will help ensure your building is ready, both inside and out. While none of these steps are time-intensive or expensive, they can make a huge difference for getting through the fall and winter without issues, all while saving you money on heating and electricity.

Short on facilities staff? The FM360 team can take care of these maintenance items for you, quickly and easily. Our facility experts can also assess your building and identify any problem areas before winter takes its toll.

Download the checklist to make sure your facility is “buttoned up” for the colder months ahead. And to request assistance from the FM360 team, contact us at: 866.720.2700 or

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