April 07, 2017

FM360 Complete Facility AssessmentWhen your building is starting to show wear and tear, where do you start to determine priorities and develop a plan of attack?

The FM360 Complete Facility Assessment is designed to provide a roadmap to your facility’s current and future maintenance needs.

With an FM360 Complete Facility Assessment, you’ll be provided with a full appraisal of the condition of your building and grounds. Plus, you’ll get custom quotes on repairs and maintenance so you’ll know what expenses lie ahead.

The comprehensive report will provide you with detailed descriptions and costs, helping you save time, money and a huge headache.

Download the FM360 Complete Facility Assessment Guide here to learn more about what’s included in the assessment, the benefits of completing an assessment, the timing involved, and the cost.

And when you’re ready to schedule your assessment, call or click below:

Schedule Facility Assessment 866.720.2700

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