May 12, 2017

GEM Energy HVAC Program OverviewKeeping your building’s occupants comfortable and productive is your priority, yet less than half of all building owners don’t have preventive maintenance done on their HVAC systems. This can lead to lost employee productivity and potentially expensive repairs.

HVAC systems utilize 30 to 40% of your building’s total energy usage, and lack of regular HVAC maintenance has been proven to increase a building’s energy use by 30 to 60%. These costs add up year after year, significantly increasing your facility’s operating costs.

Building owners and facility managers need help to stay on top of this critical capital asset, which is why GEM Energy developed an innovative HVAC Program to help you:

  • Stop expensive HVAC system failures before they happen
  • Keep your HVAC system’s service costs low and predictable
  • Reduce excessive energy costs
  • Assist with accurate capital budgeting for future system replacement

GEM Energy’s HVAC Program can be customized to meet the needs of any facility size or type. By developing a customized, preventive HVAC service solution and utilizing our skilled force of field technicians, you can be confident your HVAC equipment will perform at peak efficiency for lower energy costs, and will provide a comfortable, functioning environment for everyone under your roof.

To speak with a GEM Energy HVAC expert about this program, complete this request form. If you have an immediate repair or service need, call 866.720.2700.

Working with the GEM Energy team has been an ideal fit… Our equipment has to be up and running or we are losing money and customers. I no longer worry about getting hit with a big bill when I need a repair. I know that when I call the issue will be resolved.

President and owner, cleveland-area manufacturer

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