March 21, 2017

FM360 InteriorWhen the end of winter is in sight, many building owners and managers are ready to focus on making changes, upgrades or repairs to various interior aspects of your building’s environment.

The FM360 Total Facility Management program provides services for all aspects of interior building needs, including:

  • Office reconfiguration, including cabling and electrical wiring
  • Furniture moving
  • Carpet installation and repair
  • Lighting replacement and repair
  • Painting
  • Interior construction/renovation projects
  • Miscellaneous interior repairs

Keeping your building’s interior space in good working order not only improves the physical environment, but also ensures energy efficiency and optimal conditions for employees.

HCR ManorCare

HCR ManorCare

The entire 14th floor of the HCR ManorCare building was renovated by the FM360 team in just two months, while their employees continued to occupy the building. HCR ManorCare’s contemporary new look includes open office space, additional closed offices, conference rooms and a new kitchen.

The work was done on a very tight schedule, and everything was
completed seamlessly. It was very positive from start to finish.

—Mary Wahl, Director, Corporate Services Management


Burkett Restaurant Equipment Facility Renovation

The FM360 team took a long-shuttered building and renovated it into new office space, showroom and distribution center for Burkett. New LED lights and an updated HVAC system will cut the company’s electricity costs in half. Burkett also takes advantage of FM360’s Total Facility Management services, benefitting from dedicated FM360 resources to handle every aspect of building maintenance.

The Rudolph Libbe Group has been much more than a contractor,
but rather a partner throughout the entire project.
The team’s ability to understand our requirements and budget
and to be able to create a win-win solution was very valuable.

—Jameel Burkett, President

Owens Corning

Owens Corning Lobby Tower Renovation

When Owens Corning’s headquarters building management staff noticed water leaks in the 20-year-old lobby tower, they knew it was time for a renovation. The onsite building manager partnered with FM360 to complete the renovations safely, efficiently and with minimal disruption to operations. At project completion, the lobby tower’s professional look was restored and the building envelope is again water-tight.

The Rudolph Libbe Group did a fantastic job managing and
completing renovations. The project management was exceptional
with frequent, consistent communication being
maintained throughout the entire project.

—Steve Lutes, Assistant Engineering Manager

Interior building services represent just one aspect of the FM360 Total Facility Management program. FM360 offers a range of facility services, from as-needed, to part-time, to full-time dedicated facility maintenance and management resources.

Having a relationship with a full-service facility management company means having access to exactly the resources needed for your situation.

For more information about FM360:

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