January 07, 2019

The Cost of Power Outages and the Value of Energy Resilience

Value of Energy ResilienceSporadic power outages at your facility are almost inevitable, and the cost of power outages may be much more than you think. Understanding the monetary value of energy resilience can help you make decisions to protect your business or organization.

While major electrical outages due to weather or other serious factors tend to receive the primary focus, it’s actually the smaller, sporadic outages that can be more serious.

Download The Monetary Value of Energy Resilience to get the facts and costs associated with outages, and learn specific ways to improve your facility’s energy resilience.

More than 7,000 smaller power outages occur across the United States every day, costing businesses $79 billion annually, according to conservative estimates from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Other studies peg the cost at closer to $100 billion.

Why are power outages so costly? Though every outage is costly in terms of lost production or other primary disruptions, the secondary, hidden costs may actually be more significant. The time it takes to restore normal operations alone can be expensive, and variations of this factor are common across all industries.

In The Monetary Value of Energy Resilience, you’ll learn how to improve shortcomings in your energy infrastructure, including:

  • Facts about frequency and costs of outages
  • The most common sources of hidden outage costs
  • Strategies to reduce or eliminate outage expenses
  • Specific methods for achieving energy resilience

To talk with an energy expert about cost-effective resilience strategies for your facility, contact: 866.720.2700 or onsitepower@gogemenergy.com.

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