September 13, 2016

As a building manager or owner, you typically hear right away about any issues that occur inside your building. The occupants are quick to let you know when something isn’t working properly.

But what about the outside of your building? Often your building’s exterior can get overlooked as maintenance staff deals with more urgent or mission-critical issues.

Regular maintenance of your building’s exterior is critical, not only to protect the long-term value of your building, but also to enhance energy efficiency.

The FM360 Total Facility Management program offers a no-obligation Exterior Infrastructure Inspection, providing you with a complete report of the condition of your building’s exterior. And if you’d rather not distract your maintenance staff with exterior repairs, our team can complete all necessary repairs quickly and affordably.

  • FM360 can supplement your existing facilities staff when you need extra hands, either temporarily or ongoing.
  • If you’re looking for a more comprehensive and permanent facility and construction services solution, we can help with that too.
  • Because FM360 is a service offered by the Rudolph Libbe Group (a full-service team of companies providing customized facility solutions), the staff assigned to you will come with specific industry expertise, and a depth of experience you can trust.

FM360With FM360, your exterior infrastructure inspection and maintenance can be provided as part of an ongoing service agreement, or as a one-time service. This includes:

  • window inspection, repair, cleaning
  • door inspection, repair, cleaning
  • building envelope exterior walls inspection, painting, and caulking
  • parking lot maintenance
  • concrete repairs
  • and more.

As a service offering, FM360’s mission is to help facility owners maintain the value of their building investment. We stand ready to assist you in whatever capacity makes the best financial sense for your situation.

Now is the best time of year to have your building’s exterior inspected and repaired. Don’t wait until bad weather reveals existing problems. Let our team conduct a thorough inspection and inform you of any potential issues or recommended repairs.

Download an overview of the FM360 services available to you, or download a comprehensive description of the FM360 Total Facility Management program.


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