November 29, 2017

Cargo TheftCargo Theft: Is Your Dock a Target?

Dock security is a growing concern in our region. According to the FBI, an estimated $30 billion worth of cargo is stolen in the U.S. every year, and unsecured or unattended trailers at facility loading docks are prime targets.

Some industries are more vulnerable than others, but this list proves that any and all cargo types are attractive to the growing number of thieves operating in our region:

  • Food & Beverage (24% of cargo theft)
  • Electronics (15%)
  • Home & Garden (12%)
  • Auto Parts (9%)
  • Building & Industrial (8%)
  • Metals (7%)
  • Clothing & Shoes (7%)

Cargo theft has, until recently, been thought of as an opportunistic crime. This is not the case anymore, as cargo theft has become much more organized and requires proactive steps in order to defend your staff, your products, your profits and your reputation.

Practical and Affordable Cargo Theft Solutions

By knowing your risks and staying informed, you can greatly reduce the danger of theft on your property. Rudolph Libbe Group (RLG) and its vendor partners have experience with industrial safety and security equipment, as well as flexible and affordable solutions.

RLG’s FM360 team can implement dock security systems and provide customized recommendations based on your unique dock setup.

In general, FM360 recommends a multi-layered approach that includes:

  • Vehicle restraints
  • Secure links between the loading dock floor and trailer bed
  • Dock control system, which consolidates controls into one simple system

These solutions allow you to address the security of your supply chain as well as the physical safety of your employees.

If your facility has not addressed the very real issue of cargo theft, take time now to begin planning. Please contact the FM360 team to conduct an immediate and no-obligation assessment of your dock security status. They will provide a complete report and recommendations for how to implement the right solution for your facility.

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