October 01, 2016

It pays to compare. The traditional or D/B/B approach to construction projects, in a process-driven environment, can lead to significant risk issues such as:

  1. Over-budget projects due to inaccurate initial budget estimates
  2. Delayed construction starts or elongated schedules
  3. Unnecessary disruption of current production
  4. A facility that does not meet the owner’s goals of optimizing the process and maximizing savings on future plant expansion

GPS Comparison ChartGuided Process Solutions™ (GPS) is an alternative to D/B/B for process construction projects. The GPS approach eliminates the cost, construction, and production risks for process manufacturers because the GPS team works directly with owners to optimize the design of the new facility around the specific industrial process.

This comparison chart outlines the critical differences and implications of choosing D/B/B vs. the Guided Process Solution construction approach.

For a more detailed overview of the potential problems of applying the design/bid/build approach to a process manufacturing construction project, download the Design/Bid/Build Trap.

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