April 07, 2021

Recent CARES Act Allows 100% Deduction of HVAC Improvement Costs

Last year, Congress passed the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Stability) Act, and as part of that economic relief package, tax benefits were included for non-residential facility upgrades.

In a nutshell, this law allows a full deduction of certain project costs in a single year, without limitation on the size of the project.

What Does That Mean for You?

If you’ve been putting off building improvements, especially HVAC and those related to air quality, now may be the perfect time to start those projects.

The tax deductions can apply to any non-structural upgrades, including:

  • HVAC system inspection and repair
  • Building controls systems
  • Air filtration and air purification systems
  • Duct cleaning, testing and balancing

Duct Cleaning, Testing and Balancing

Most facility professionals understand the importance of testing and balancing your HVAC system, to ensure your system is operating at optimal capacity, without leaks or other mechanical issues. This ensures better air quality, a comfortably conditioned building that operates at optimum energy efficiency for lower costs.

But until recently, less focus was given to cleaning and sanitizing duct work. When was the last time your facility’s duct work was thoroughly cleaned? While your filters certainly help keep out major particles, smaller particles of dust and debris can build up in a system, causing not only poor efficiency, but compromised air quality as well.

Duct cleaning is important after any construction work has been completed at your facility, and now, even more critical to maintain safety and health by reducing dust, mold, allergens, and germs from COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Having your entire system cleaned and balanced regularly will not only ensure efficient operation, but will also contribute to healthier air quality, when coupled with an air purification system.

Rudolph Libbe Group’s HVAC Testing & Balancing team are certified with decades of experience in:

  • Air and water system balancing
  • Testing and cleaning
  • All necessary inspections, including fire dampers.

For facilities considering these HVAC equipment improvements or upgrades, the CARES Act may offer significant tax savings by taking the full project costs deduction in the first year.

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