December 11, 2018

Introducing Building Performance Gauge

A New Building Efficiency Management Tool from GEM Energy

Building Performance GaugeBuilding Performance Gauge is a data visualization tool that helps prioritize energy efficiency by using utility data and turning it into actionable business intelligence. This cloud-based software application is simple, easy to use and puts key business analytics at your fingertips.

Optimizing energy use is one of the most effective ways to increase your facility’s overall efficiency. But identifying where to make adjustments can be difficult—unless you’re armed with the right information.

Building Performance Gauge can provide that information.  (Download the details here.)

How Does Building Performance Gauge Work?

Using energy cost, consumption and carbon trends, Building Performance Gauge shows how your building performs compared to itself, its peers, and compared to key performance metrics. Once it is deployed, we are able to collect, aggregate, input and validate historic and current utility data for your facility, providing you with powerful business insight, benchmarks and trends.

Specifically, utility bill data is used to answer these key business questions:

  1. How much energy is your facility using?
  2. Is it getting better or worse?
  3. Is preventive maintenance reducing operational costs?
  4. Where are the best opportunities for savings, and have past improvements paid off?

This data-driven approach will reveal how your facility is performing over time, demonstrating clearly whether its energy efficiency is increasing or decreasing, and whether preventive maintenance is contributing adequately to a reduction in operating costs. With this information, you’ll have a clear picture of the most cost-effective opportunities for improvement, in addition to understanding the ROI on your past decisions.

What Insights Will You Gain From Building Performance Gauge?

Building Performance Gauge Graph

With this new tool, you’ll learn how your facility’s processes affect your energy consumption on a granular data level. With the benchmarking capabilities of Building Performance Gauge, your data will be adjusted to account for regional and seasonal fluctuations in energy use, giving you a clear picture of how the most important parts of your facility affect your energy consumption.

In addition, you’ll be able to use Building Performance Gauge to compare your building’s performance with other buildings of similar size and use, to help you determine realistic efficiency targets.

Best of all, you’ll be able to measure ROI for every project implemented by GEM Energy in your building. By setting a baseline and tracking utility data, we will report both billed and weather normalized energy performance.

Can Building Performance Gauge Really Make a Difference?

One of the most successful trials of GEM Energy’s Building Performance Gauge has been at the Cleveland Boys & Girls Club. Building Performance Gauge has been in use there for a number of months, and has a sufficient projection of savings this year to allow for replacement of all of the Club’s rooftop HVAC units.

Get Started With Building Performance Gauge

Take a moment to download this overview, then contact a GEM Energy specialist who can discuss your specific needs and determine how Building Performance Gauge can help improve your facility’s energy efficiency.

To request a consultation with a GEM Energy, you can:

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