February 19, 2020

Hospital Blower Rescue

Sometime in the wee hours, the hospital’s large blower assembly on their surgery HVAC air handling unit failed—the whole thing just blew apart.

Thankfully, the hospital has a preventive maintenance agreement with Rudolph Libbe Group’s HVAC team, which means they benefit from 24/7 emergency service. The hospital only had to make one call, and the HVAC team took it from there.

The HVAC team got the call at 8am, and by 9am they were on site.

Here’s what they found:

Blower Rescue: Before

Clearly replacement parts would be needed, so the HVAC team started making calls.

Bad news—3 weeks lead time for the needed parts.
Good news—the HVAC team, together with their sheet metal contractor, was able to actually fabricate the needed parts from scratch.

What could have been a weeks-long loss of critical surgical resources turned out to be a 36-hour pause while this team of experts did what it took to solve the problem.

Blower Rescue: After

Before the HVAC team was called, the surgical unit was making plans to cancel three days’ of already-scheduled surgeries. The team’s speed of response and the creative problem-solving expertise enabled the hospital to only lose one day’s use of the facility.

When you’re our customer, we do everything we can to make sure your business is up and running when you need it to be – no matter what it takes. The affordable price of a maintenance plan means an unexpected emergency won’t mean losing business, losing customers, and losing revenue.

If you don’t have a service agreement in place for your facility, RLG offers a wide range of options for every need.

HVAC Service Plans

By having a service agreement in place, you’ll have peace of mind, and you’ll have the services of the best HVAC technicians in the area.

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