July 25, 2017

We’re in the thick of the summer months, when the heat index climbs and everyone is grateful for a well-air-conditioned building…

…until the HVAC unit breaks down.

When heat and humidity increase outside, the inside air also increases in temperature and humidity, making your HVAC units work harder. When temperatures go above 90, systems lose cooling capacity. For this area of the country, the equipment design standard is for 92 degrees or less, so when temperatures go even higher, HVAC equipment struggles, and even more so if it hasn’t been maintained.

Typically, HVAC breakdowns are caused by lack of proper maintenance. In many buildings, regular HVAC maintenance is overlooked, meaning no one is consistently changing the filters, cleaning the coils, tightening or adjusting the belts, or monitoring refrigerant pressures.

The result of overlooked HVAC maintenance?

  • Increased energy costs
  • Increased risk of equipment failure
  • Reduced life expectancy of equipment
  • Negative effect on cash flow due to expensive repairs and reduced productivity

Life Span of HVAC Units

HVAC units replaced

According to ASHRAE, the average lifespan for package rooftop cooling systems is 15 to 17 years. For chillers and boilers, it’s 20 years. Amazingly, as early as three years after the purchase of new HVAC equipment, things will start to go wrong without ongoing preventive maintenance. Plus, the entire lifespan of the unit will be shortened to about 10 years.

How to Keep HVAC Units Running Smoothly

HVAC equipment can live longer and perform better with proper preventive maintenance. Some older units perform even better than newer ones, because they’ve been regularly maintained and operate smoothly, reliably and efficiently.  The simplest way to keep up with maintenance is having a GEM Energy Preventive Maintenance program. GEM Energy has a range of HVAC service agreements to help reduce your building’s energy costs and prevent expensive HVAC system failures.

All GEM Energy service agreements offer 24/7 service and guaranteed three-hour emergency response time.

  • To explore a preventive maintenance program for your facility, complete this request form.
  • If you have an immediate repair or service need, call 866.720.2700. 

For more information about GEM Energy’s HVAC Program:

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