August 24, 2018

Design Assumption TrapAvoiding the Risks of Construction Design Flaws

The earliest stages of a conventional design/bid/build (D/B/B) construction project can be risky for process manufacturers. If the design does not evaluate the entire scope of the project based on a thorough understanding of your process, it won’t produce the most economical design for constructability of the project.  Avoiding flaws in the initial stages of design is critical to a successful process manufacturing construction project.

Download The Design Assumption Trap to learn how the D/B/B approach can cause cost and time delays, and how to avoid them from the very start of your expansion project.

The alternative to D/B/B—Guided Process Solutions™ (GPS) from Rudolph Libbe Group—ensures constructability during the design stage. The GPS system reviews construction and design processes and drawings during the pre-construction phase of a project. This ensures any obstacles are identified before a project starts, to reduce or prevent errors, delays and cost overruns.

Download The Design Assumption Trap for a quick read on how process manufacturers can overcome plant design problems by avoiding design assumptions using the GPS construction approach.

For more information about the right construction approach for your next process manufacturing construction project, contact Brandon Gartee at 419.720.2677 or

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