January 17, 2020

Is Your Equipment A Winter Disaster Waiting To Happen?

We see it often in our business—facility managers who have so much to juggle that winter inspections fall to the bottom of list.

That’s why GEM Energy’s HVAC team is offering a no-obligation “Winter Quality Check.”

This efficient, free visual inspection is conducted without removal of panels or shutting down the system. It’s an assessment of your facility’s HVAC equipment, considering the following:

  • Visual condition of equipment
  • Approximate age
  • Appearance of damaged coils or pipes
  • Any obvious leaks
  • Condensation where it shouldn’t be
  • Closed economizers
  • Any other readily apparent issues

Our HVAC experts know what to look for to uncover current or developing issues, and if repair needs are identified, we’re glad to take care of them. This free inspection typically reveals easily solved issues that are affordable to fix and will guard against poor performance and breakdowns.

An affordable maintenance program can help prevent winter disasters, unexpected breakdowns, costly repairs and even a facility that has to be shut down due to unfavorable working conditions.

Start with a no-obligation “Winter Quality Check,” and let us tell you what we see. Hopefully your systems are in great shape and ready for cold weather. But if not, we’ll give you a complete report of what we find, and let you know the costs for repairs.

Don’t let the need for simple repairs cause your facility unexpected problems. Our experts are ready to visit your facility and inspect your system with a free Winter Quality check.

To request a free Winter Quality Check, you can:

For more information about GEM Energy’s HVAC Program:

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