June 18, 2020

Foundations of a Healthy Building: Air Quality

As one of the 9 foundations of a healthy building, air quality plays a significant role in promoting a clean, safe building environment.

Circulating clean air is critical to occupant health, but achieving contaminant-free air quality doesn’t happen on its own. Air purification technologies are available to help improve and maintain the quality of air in your facility.

In this brief video, Amy Swiderski, one of Rudolph Libbe Group’s facility experts, describes how to ensure the air in your facilities is safe, and provides a demonstration of two specific HVAC improvements that provide air purification. (3-minute video)

Facility managers must pay attention to this easily overlooked area of building health, as one of the nine foundations of a healthy building, and to ensure the facility can support and protect the health of its occupants.

For help in identifying the right air purification system for your facility,
email solutions@gorudolphlibbe.com, or call 866.720.2700.

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