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  • Responsive

    More than 100 RLG employees are currently assigned full time on customer sites. This has been our practice for over 25 years, for customers who need that level of service.

  • Accurate

    For the Rudolph Libbe Group’s last 31 Guaranteed Maximum Pricing (GMP) projects, the actual owner cost was 1.20 percent lower than the final budget.

  • Safe

    The Rudolph Libbe Group average EMR has been 23 percent better than the industry average — for over 10 years.

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  • Reliable

    Since 2010, the Rudolph Libbe Group completed over 42,000 jobs where there were ongoing operations, and only three times did we disrupt those operations. Our immediate and extensive responses resulted in satisfied customers. One of those customers awarded us $16 million in new work.

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  • Skilled & Experienced

    The Rudolph Libbe Group has 14 LEED APs, 8 of them with BD+C specialty. We have an additional 6 LEED Green Associates. Eight employees are Professional Engineers (P.E.).

    Over 250 employees have completed advanced OSHA safety training; six of them have completed the OSHA 500-level class to provide training to our employees.

    Our safety staff of 19 employees includes: two Certified Safety Professionals; one Certified Occupational Safety Specialist; and two Construction Health and Safety Technicians.

  • Financially Secure

    Nearly 200 customers have worked with the Rudolph Libbe Group for seven years; close to half of them for 10 years or more. Rudolph Libbe Group companies have a combined credit line of $25 million and an aggregate bonding capacity in excess of $200 million.