Rudolph Libbe Group was the first partner selected to manage this design/build project for North Star BlueScope Steel’s massive 593,360-square-foot mini-mill.  It was completed on a fast-track schedule over 16 months.

The site consisted of 515 acres where over one million cubic yards of dirt was moved with the scale pit excavation measuring 400’ x 150’ x 50’ deep. Over 100,000 cubic yards of concrete were placed, making this the largest concrete project in northwest Ohio at the time with over 400 tradespeople employed. Five different concrete producers in the area were needed to complete the massive foundations.

The site and concrete work were followed by an award of the pre-engineered heavy structure erection package for the rolling mill.  Numerous additional work packages were awarded including mechanical and process piping, and electrical including instrumentation for the building and process.

The RLG fabrication shop was heavily utilized with two shifts per day supporting the re-work of pipe fabricated overseas which had been rejected due to quality issues. Outside of the direct contracts, RLG teams worked with vendors on the BOC oxygen plant and wastewater treatment facility, both key components for the mill.

Combined, the project is RLG’s largest industrial project completed in northwest Ohio.

More than 600 total projects completed throughout the partnership

The relationship that began during the preconstruction phase of the original project has now spanned 24 years with continuous support at the plant. RLG’s Site Management team has an in-house presence for on-going maintenance, down-day outages as well as small construction and larger capital projects. The Site Management team has managed emergency facility services as needed as well.


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