The coordination between the group’s multiple disciplines was superb.

Dan Hardman, Senior Planner

Steel mills and steel-making facilities are the backbones of industry, supporting the infrastructures of just about every human enterprise. The diversity of what they produce requires expertise in their various facility types.

That’s the expertise Rudolph Libbe Group brings to our metals-manufacturing partners. We have a long history of providing engineering and construction solutions for metal production facilities such as:

  • Hot rolling mills
  • Cold rolling mills
  • Continuous galvanizing line plants (CGL)
  • Continuous picking line plants (PL)
  • Continuous annealing line plants (CAL)
  • Direct reduction plants

Our primary engagements are in the installation and construction of mills and the delivery and installation of process ancillary equipment. Our steel construction experience covers the full, vertical value chain from reduction to fabrication, including capabilities in design and construction of furnaces, casters and strip mills.

Dan Hardman, senior planner for ArcelorMittal, had this to say about a recent project: “The Rudolph Libbe Group did a fine job on the Hot Strip Mill – R6 Mill Stand Leveling project. A great deal of work was accomplished safely in a relatively small work area. The coordination between the group’s multiple disciplines was superb. Our project’s success hinged on the ability of the different groups to work together to complete their tasks in a timely fashion. The fact that these groups fell under one umbrella, RLG, allowed for seamless coordination and nonexistent extra costs. ArcelorMittal is looking forward to working with RLG in the future!”